Are you a Fresher and preparing for your First appointment ?

Tips before interview

Research thoroughly about the company you are going for an interview. Find out the business of the company, what are the skills they are looking for, how you can contribute to the company's growth, company's prospects, your growth prospects etc. etc. Use your network to find out about the company, talk to career consultants to find out, look out on the internet.

If company has a web presence, visit their web site and note down all the factors, which will help you arrive at a decision. Make a list of questions you may have come up. These can be asked and get answered at the time of interview.

Talk to friends/acquaintances in the company to find out the inner details.

Dress formally for the interview, but don't overdress. Dress what is appropriate in your climate.

Always reach 15-30 minutes earlier than the expected time. You can use effectively utilize that time to make observations about the company and its employees.

If possible, get the interview scheduled in the morning hours, the time when both you and the interviewers are still fresh.

About the questions asked, always reply to the point. Do not repeat the same thing and politely decline, in case you don't know the answers. No one is supposed to know everything.

Look straight in the eyes of the person while talking. This shows your confidence.

Always have your doubts cleared at the end of the interview. Ask all the questions you had made a list. This shows you are sincere and have done your homework before appearing for the interview.

Never ask for the salary figures/details in the interviews. Leave these questions for later.

If an expected salary figure is asked, politely tell that it should be commensurate with your skills and experience. If still pressed for figure, give your currently drawn salary and ask for an appropriate raise over it.

At the end of the interview, always thank the interviewers and shake their hands.

Last but not the least, whatever may be your requirement for the job, never show your desperation for it.

Fresh from College

Fresher and no job from campus? It is not a very comfortable situation to be in. You spent a fortune trying to acquire the professional degree, and worked very hard to earn that degree. The reward for all your efforts will follow, but one needs to be a little patient and work towards it. Getting depressed about the fact is not going to help.

First and foremost requirement is to probe oneself. What skills did you lack to get that dream job from the campus itself? Go, work to acquire those skills. Improve your command over the language, your confidence and brush up your presentation skills.

If not sufficient companies or no companies came to hire from your college, don't get disappointed, its time to approach them directly. Identify and make a list of companies of your choice. Find out the skills they would be looking for and do you have those skills? Find out the business of the company and identify how both you and the company can benefit from each other. Every job aspirant must be approaching them, so how to make yourself stand apart from the rest?
First impression is always from your résumé and the covering letter attached. Always send a neatly typed biodata. Don't know what to write in your résumé? Emphasize your objective for your career choice, your expertise area, your achievements and leave all the personal details towards the end. As a fresher you may attach details of the specialized courses you attended, any specialized training attended and achievements. In the covering letter, you may mention briefly your skills and the position you are applying for.

The best practice is not to wait to graduate, to start looking for a job, but eight to twelve months before graduating. Most companies come for campus recruitment in the final year and that's the time one should start gearing up for a job and approaching prospective employers.